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General Info:
Name: Heather
Age: almost 14
Favorite color: dark blue
Instruments: piano
Bands: Ramones, Grateful Dead, Phish, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, String Cheese Incident, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, DJ MentallyILL...the list goes on
TV Shows: South Park & the Simpsons
Religion: Atheist
Iraq: We should have never invaded in the first place. There were not WMDs, just a personal vendetta of the president's (which is an illegal reason to go war).
Vegetarianism: It's a lifestyle decision that I strongly support. Vegetarians on average save 95 animal lives per year, which is great. I personally am a vegetarian, that's part of the reason.
Bush: Is a fucking idiot. He has destroyed our alliances, destroyed a country, and has turned America into a laughing stock of a country.
Gay Marrige: Gay marriage should be accepted in our country. Gays should also be given every right that a straight person has, not 1500 less. Marriage is about love, not sexuality.
Abortion: Abortion is ok with me. If you really don't want to have the baby, then you don't have to. We don't need 50 year old congress<b>men</b> telling us what to do with our embryos/fetuses.
Death Penalty: I am against the death penalty. Two wrongs don't make a right, and a lot of the people killed by the death penalty didn't do the crime and are the wrong person. Besides, you just let the person get off easy. Life without parole would be a better sentence than death.
Drinking: Socially, it's ok. But drinking should only happen once in a while, because it can fuck you up. I've had past experiences with it, and it really isn't nice.
Cigarettes: No point in them. All they do is get you addicted, and blacken your lungs.
Marijuana: Should be legal. It's ok unless you're driving, because you can get killed. Other than that, it's alright, and sometimes inspires people.
Other Drugs: No. They can kill you and it's just not worth it.

Photos (if you have them, if not, thats okay):

Be random: PENIS! VAGOINA!

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